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How are you doing today: fab. God woke me up this mornng


What is your name city you rep: Sunshine and im currently in Atlanta


Are you comfortable doing interviews and interacting with fans: absolutely.

we are were we are because of them.


Which music genres do you like: I love all music


What is your talent business or profession: many talents from dancing to music, modeling,etc..


How did u get into your professiontalent: I was living in Las Vegas with my Grandparents. It was summer time, I was 15 at the time and was out one day and was approached by someone who had claimed to be with a modeling company and gave me there card and told me to tell my mom to call them. Well my mom was all the way back home at that time so i had to call her and give her the info and what they said. Summer was almost over anyway and finally got home... we called them together ... my mom liked what they had to say on the phone and agreed to bring me to New York for a meeting.... I was signed that same day.


What are some the obstacles have you encountered: Meeting some of the wrong people and letting them allow myself to get off track with my own goals and dreams in life.


Are you seeing success: I am. Ive been well Id say someone succesful in the past already. I spent 7 years over seas and was modeling and was living ok.

I think my meaning of success is much different than others anyway. Its not all about the money in this with me.


Give us 3 words that describe you: loyal, honest, compassionate


Can you tell the readers 3 things they should know about you: Open minded, Im about business, I love to travel


Please tell the readers 3 pet peeves: leaving the bathroom toilet seat up.


So what makes you different: Knoweldge and the fact that i look younger still than half these women out here now.


Okay take a moment and talk about your MentorsInfluencesHeroes: Ive always admired Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks and looked to both of them for alot of things in the modeling industry. I also love Whitney Houston for she is the reason why I feel in love with music so much.


What projects have you done andor are doing Elaborate please: Years past i did runway and some magazine spreads. Most was overseas in Europe betwwen Venice, Milan, and other cities throughout. Im working now to rebuild my portfolio in acting and modeling. I have several casting calls in place and photoshoots on the way for different spreads and hopefully land me back on a front cover of several different magazines and hopefully into the acting world.


Before this ends give us your social media contacts: On twitter @ladythunter as well as IG. Facebook under Sunshine Bright


Well thanks for your time Want to give some shoutouts or extra thoughts: yes as a matter of fact id love to give a HUGE shout-out to Katie who has been a true friend to the end and helped to push me get back out here again. After losing my son i just wasnt sure about anything anymore but Katie helped me see again and for that i am forever greatful. Love you Katie!!!